Havmor's Krrish 3 Ice Cream Range!

Makers of Krrish 3 not leaving any opportunity for the promotion of the film. Maker of Krrish 3 Launch Krrish 3 Comics, Krrish 3 Merchandises (Such as Krrish 3 Compass box, Water battle, Pillow, Lunch Box, etc.) Krrish 3 Facebook Stickers, Krrish 3 Mobile & PC game, Krrish 3 Jewelry for the promotion of film. Now makers of Krrish 3 Launch Havmor's Krrish 3 Ice Cream Range.

Here is the List of Havmor's Krrish3 Ice Cream Range
1. Choco Block In Cone
2. Blockbuster Choco Strawberry Stick
3. Red Velvett ice cream cake

Havmor's Krrish 3 Ice Cream Range!
Attractive Packaging of Havmor's Krrish3 Ice Cream

Promotional Posters of Havmor's Krrish3 Ice Cream


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